Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve been wanting to start blogging again and the first day of a new year seemed a good time to do it. So here I am, trying to blog. Won’t say that I’m having an easy time haha. The last time I blogged was uhmmm (checking my multiply account) July 8, 2008.

2009 was a good year for me. It was not particularly eventful but I feel really peaceful thinking about the past year. I made life-changing decisions on ’07 and ’08 (some regretful if I was the type to regret), that 2009 pales in comparison. Nonetheless, it still feels as important. As there were lots of challenges from the 2 prior years, resolutions and closures happened in ’09. I’ve learned to really let go of things that have happened. It’s also good that I’ve rebuilt bridges I burnt (yes.. I). It’s safe to say that I’ve grown and matured more.

It feels great that I started 2010 with a clear mind and heart. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions as I feel they are unnecessary. This year though, I’ll be doing it a little differently. Still no resolutions.. just goals. I’m positive I’ll achieve my goals this year =)

Here’s to another great year! Sincerely wishing everyone to have enough in 2010! Cheers!



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