You’re Beautiful / You’re Handsome (미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo)

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Last year, I allowed myself to be a fangirl of two things. One is Super Junior (probably became apparent when I posted my tickets to their concert). The 2nd one is the Korean drama “You’re Beautiful”.

Minami Shineyo in Korean, the drama is about Go Mi Nam, the newest member of a popular idol group called A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam isn’t really Mi Nam and is really his twin sister Mi Nyu. Written by the famous Hong sisters, it is terrifically hilarious. It’s also a plus that the cast (Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki & Jung Yung Hwa) is (you guess it) a beautiful bunch. The OST is also fantastic.

Just a month after it finished airing, pre-orders for the Director’s Cut DVD were accepted. Never mind that it’s expensive, I ordered one and I finally got it two weeks ago. It includes 10 DVDs, Million Angels fan club membership card, a photobook, a poster, a calendar and a diary all packaged in a beautiful box. It also includes 1 random item and I got a YB mouse pad. Below are pics of my YAB collection.

The show will be airing soon on ABS-CBN here in the Philippines.

External link: official website


7 Things Never To Say To Your Boss

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Read this article last Friday on and thought I’d repost it (of course with appropriate credits). Every employee should definitely read it and try hard not to utter these sentences.


7 Things Never To Say To Your Boss
By Karen Burns

Everyone has a boss. Even if you “work for yourself,” you’re still an employee to your client.
A big part of maintaining the boss-employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work, are incapable of doing it, or–worse–consider it beneath you.

These sound like no-brainers, but many statements heard commonly around the workplace violate these basic rules. Looking for an example? Here are seven heard in workplaces all the time. They may seem ordinary, even harmless. But try reading these from your boss’s point of view. You’ll see right away why it’s smart to never allow these seven sentences to pass your lips:

That’s not my job.” You know what? A lot of bosses are simple souls who think your job is to do what’s asked of you. So even if you’re assigned a task that is, indeed, not your job, refrain from saying so. Instead, try to find out why your boss is assigning you this task–there may be a valid reason. If you believe that doing the task is a bad idea (as in, bad for the company) you can try explaining why and suggesting how it could be better done by someone else. This may work, depending on the boss. In any case, remember that doing what’s asked of you, even tasks outside your job description, is good karma.

It’s not my problem.” When people say something is not their problem it makes them look like they don’t care. This does not endear them to anybody, especially the boss. If a problem is brewing and you have nothing constructive to say, it’s better to say nothing at all. Even better is to pitch in and try to help. Because, ultimately, a problem in the workplace is everyone’s problem. We’re all in it together.

It’s not my fault.” Yet another four words to be avoided. Human nature is weird. Claiming that something is not our fault often has the result of making people suspect it is. Besides, what’s the real issue here? It’s that something went wrong and needs to be fixed. That’s what people should be thinking about–not who is to blame.

I can only do one thing at a time.” News flash: Complaining you are overworked will not make your boss feel sorry for you or go easier on you. Instead, a boss will think: (1) you resent your job, and/or (2) you aren’t up to your job. Everybody, especially nowadays, feels pressured and overworked. If you’re trying to be funny, please note that some sarcasm is funny and lightens the mood. Some just ticks people off.

I am way overqualified for this job.” Hey, maybe you are. But the fact is, this is the job you have. You agreed to take it on and, while you may now regret that decision, it’s still your job. Complaining that it’s beneath you only makes you look bad. Plus, coworkers doing similar jobs may resent and dislike you. And guess what? Bosses will not think, “Oh, this is a superior person whom I need to promote.” Nope, they’ll think, “What a jerk.”

This job is easy! Anyone could do it!” Maybe what you’re trying to convey here is that you’re so brilliant your work is easy. Unfortunately, it comes off sounding more like, “This work is stupid.” Bosses don’t like hearing that any work is stupid. Nor do they really like hearing that a job is easy peasy. It belittles the whole enterprise. If a task is simple, be glad and do it as quickly as you can. Even “stupid” work needs to get done.

It can’t be done.” Saying something can’t be done is like waving a red flag in a boss’s eyes. Even if the thing being suggested truly is impossible, saying it is can make you look ineffectual or incapable. Better to play detective. Why is the boss asking you to do whatever it is? What’s the problem that needs to be solved? What’s the goal? Search for doable ways of solving that problem or reaching that goal. That’s what bosses really want. Most of them do not expect the impossible.

Last words: When in doubt, remember that silence really is golden.

Credits: Karen Burns at
Original link here

I Survived Hong Kong

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Finally got around to updating my blog haha. I actually felt daunted because of pending blog entries.
Okay. Let’s get started.

Flor and I went to Hong Kong last March 6 and came back March 10. Our flights were booked way back November or December last year, thanks to Cebu Pacific promos (got our roundtrip tickets for PHP 4,002.00 only). We only had our passports, tickets and money. No hotel and tour reservations. You could say this was an unplanned planned vacation. And that made it so much more fun =D

Here’s a summary of our trip. Don’t mind the timestamp. The camera’s date stamp is set a day earlier 0_0

March 7 12:05 AM – Arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.
Spent the rest of the night at the airport cause we didn’t have hotel reservations as of yet.

10:00 AM – Checked in to Dorsett Far East Hotel in Tsuen Wan.
A small hotel but very nice and affordable. The rooms are clean and luxurious. The staff is very friendly. All for affordable prices.

12:00 Noon – Disneyland
My 2nd time in Disneyland. First time was in Japan. Didn’t matter though, as I had a different experience. Shows are available in English and just like the rest of Hong Kong, people can speak English. Disneyland HK is smaller than Japan’s so a day is sufficient to enjoy all the rides and shows they offer. Notable attractions are the Jungle River ride, Space Moutain, Phil Har Magic (4D theater) and the Fireworks show.

March 8 9:00 AM – The Peak
We took the Peak Tram. Since it was foggy (and cold), we didn’t check the Sky Terrace and just roamed around the Peak Tower. We did however check Madam Tussaud’s and had a blast.

2:00 PM – Man Mo Temple
It took us more than an hour of walking to reach the temple. It is a simple Taoist temple. What makes this memorable is that we got to see while walking (…..) how Hong Kong people live their lives.

4:00 PM – Temple Street Night Market
Shopping shopping shopping part 1. I don’t think this needs more explanation =D

7:00 PM – Avenue of Stars for the Symphony of Lights
Chilled in a coffess shop at Avenue of Stars to wait for the Symphony of Lights. A must-watch when you’re in Hong Kong!

9:00 PM – Ladies’ Night Market
Shopping shopping shopping part 2. Hehe.

March 9 10:00 AM – Ngong Ping 360
Cable cars! Not for the light-hearted. It consists of a cable car journey with a themed village at the top. The Giant Buddha is just nearby. Too bad we weren’t able to see it up close as it was raining and the temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius. Being tropical persons, our bodies just can’t tolerate that much cold.

1:00 PM – Citygate Mall
Before reaching the Ngong Ping tower is the only outlet shopping mall in Hong Kong. We only window-shopped as the mall boasts high-end shops (most of which I can’t afford ahaha).

Late afternoon – headed to the HKIA, grabbed dinner and waited for our flight back home.

To say that Hong Kong was fun is an understatement haha. It was amazingly wonderful. An experience I won’t forget anytime soon. Will definitely go back and visit other attractions we weren’t able to.

Hong Kong !!!!!!!

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By the time this is posted, my cousin Flor and I would have landed in Hong Kong.
Three days and four nights of unadulterated fun.
Expect stories and pictures of our vacation 4 days from now.
Ahaha I’ve got lots to post. I’ll make sure to do them when I get back =D

Three (and hopefully 4, 5 and more)

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Happy 3rd year anniversary, Convergys Audit Team!

Wow. Never thought we’d still be around. We survived 3 long years. 3 years full of laughters, tears, songs, food, issues, changes, changes and more changes. =))

From the original 14 (Mike and Warren included), only 4 remained. But…. 12 more came and more than made up for the empty spaces.

We used to be Mike’s dream team but now we are Eva’s Gangstas (kerny).

This won’t be a long post unlike the one I did when we turned 1. I didn’t have enough time to write a decent post (hehe) and we have like a thousand (char) pictures. But promise, I’ll update this when I’ve got ample time. In the meantime, I’m linking the 1st year anniv post I did in multiply.

The Team:
Eva Melliza Mansueto – Audit Team Lead
Tsai Lim – Manager
Jaysrel Barol
April Joy Ann Chavez
Louella Hernandez
Reed Lastimosa
Dennis Lendio
Chrysalej Joy Maandig
Josephine Moreno
Ann Franchette Ortiz
Janzel Ramirez
Maricris Saragena
Abe Uy
Luningning Vasquez
Roxanne Vega
Jedd Yee

Old Members:
Warren Myers
Michael John Sampaga
Lera Mae Alegre
Francia Grace Cavalida
Jeff Anthony Chaves
Dennis Limitares
Darifel Malinao
Dona Mae Pastor
Shad Saringo
Loi Silva

The team has changed a lot (and I mean a lot!) over the past three years. And still more changes are coming but I am sure we’re going to overcome them and still be the best team CVG has!

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