The Third Secret

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

My April book feature. I’m ashamed to admit but I had a not so easy time reading this. ‘Cause you see, the last difficult read I had was around mid-year last year (Love in the Time of Cholera) and the last book I read before this was.. well… New Moon (btw, I still have not finished that… =D).

‘The Third Secret’ is written by Steve Berry. The protagonist is Father Colin Michener, Papal secretary to Pope Clement XV. The Pope’s health was declining and Father Michener has observed that the Pope enters the Vatican’s Riserva, the special archive to which only popes are granted access, night after night. It then became apparent that the Pope is interested (and to some extent, obsessed) with the secrets of Fatima revealed by Sister Lucia.

[copied from the book’s hardcover edition] When Pope Clement sends Michener to the Romanian highlands, then to a Bosnian holy site, in search of a priest–possibly one of the last people on Earth who knows Mary’s true message–a perilous set of events unfolds. Michener finds himself embroiled in murder, suspicion, suicide, deceit, and his forbidden passion for a beloved woman. In a desperate search for answers, he travels to Pope Clement’s birthplace in Germany, where he learns that the third secret of Fatima may dictate the very fate of the Church–a fate now lying in Michener’s own hands.

I’ve also read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and this isn’t gonna be a comparison.

I wanted to share this because as a Catholic, I was moved. I was ashamed that I didn’t know half of the facts Berry used for this book, even when I was schooled at a sectarian school for 8 years. I also found myself fearful as I have not been a good Catholic in a sense.

Anyway, this is a good read. Two thumbs up.


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