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The 3D stop-motion film based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same title was released February 2009 in the US. However, much to my dismay, it wasn’t released in the Philippines.

After such a long time (waiting…….), I decided to download it. Watched it 2 weeks ago and since I liked it, I decided to feature it. It’s not the typical “cartoon” movie. The impressions I had while watching it was very much alike the ones I had with “The Corpse Bride” by Tim Burton.

The movie starts with Coraline and her parents moving in to the Pink Palace Apartments. The Pink Palace is divided into three sections; the other two sections being rented by retired actresses Misses Spink and Forcible, and Mr. Bobinsky, a Russian acrobat. She meets the landlady’s grandson Wybie Lovat and also befriends the other residents.

While exploring their new apartment, Coraline came across a tiny door that turned out to be a door to another world or more precisely “The Other World”. In this “other” world, there is her “Other Mother” and “Other Father”. Not only that, there is also the “Other Wybie”, the “Other Misses Spink and Forcible”, and “Other Mr. Bobinsky”.

Coraline continues to visit the “Other World” as it is very different from her real world. Her “Other Parents” dote on her and the “Other Residents” are successes. There is however more to the “Other World”, and Coraline is about to find out about it.

The movie is cool and there is a certain charm to it, to say the least. It isn’t for everybody though. It’s dark and not cheerful at all. If you’re looking for an easy watch, this is not the movie for you. Check out the trailer below.

Official website


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