Picture Picture

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Picture picture ohh. Picture picture ohh.”

Yey! First post in weeks. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve been busy at work and too lazy when I get home. It also didn’t helped that my mom went to Subic on vacation, the househelp left the following day and I assumed her role. I’m not complaining but yeah, it’s leaving me too tired to do anything else.

Alright. On to the post. Since the Philippine elections, I thought I’d feature Filipino works. Btw, don’t remind me just yet about the election post I wanted to do. I still want to do it but it is “heavy” for my blank mind right now. LOL.

“Picture Picture” is a song by a new OPM (Original Pilipino Music) band called Tanya Markova. Tanya Markova members are Norma Love, Iwa Motors, Mowmow, Heart Abunda, Sugar K., Skrovak Iskopanjo, Rufa Mae Milby, Jennylyn Sucaldito and Rez Curtis. (Is it just me or are their names puns of Filipino celebrity names?)

By the title, I say the song really suits Filipinos because we are cam-whores. Really. As in. We’d leave anything we’re doing when someone takes out a camera. The song is actually quite simple. It’s about a guy seeing a beautiful girl and wanting to take a picture of her beautiful face. Ahaha that’s it. But but but.. I love it! It’s simple, catchy but I don’t know. I feel happy while singing it. I guess we can call it a cheerful song? Lol.

Here’s the video.

“Meron siyang look alike na
Meron siyang look alike na
Meron siyang look alike na
Mekaniko si Moniko ng makina ni Monica”

Credits: mcamusic @ Youtube
Official page here


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