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Gyoko = Unexpected Happiness

This word struck me when I watched “How to Date an Otaku Girl The Movie” earlier.

I wasn’t planning to watch it or any movie at all tonight. I was set to finish cleaning up my room in time for New Year but i really felt lazy (again… @_@) and opted to watch a Japanese film instead.

Hinata is a college student in love with Yoriko, a co-worker at a former part-time job. At the start of the movie, Hinata asked Yoriko to date him. Before answering though, she warns him that she is a “fujoshi otaku”. Not knowing what “fujoshi” is, Hinata immediately assures Yoriko that he’s cool with that.

As you might already know, “otaku” is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. It’s not uncommon but what Hinata finds out is that a “fujoshi otaku” is one that is obsessed with B-L or “Boys Love”.

LOL. Imagine the hilarity!

As expected, it is a very funny. Not over the top. Just the right mix. For me, that is.

What surprised me is how I felt during the sad part of the movie. It was just a series of very simple scenes. There wasn’t any sad background music and there wasn’t even much crying. ‘cept for the part where Yoriko… oh wait, I can’t write what happened here ahaha.

Anyway, you get my drift. So it was very simple and might I say, plain. But, it really tugged at my heart. It almost made me cry. If my brother wasn’t in my room, I probably would have already.

It has now made me analyze myself which kinda sucks. It’s making me feel uncomfortable. I’m well and haven’t been emotional for the last two years. I don’t want it to change.

Three failed attempts at a decent romantic relationship in a span of two years didn’t make me give up. But it sure scares me a lot. More than I care to admit. I’m not particularly interested or ready to attempt anew. Thus, the declined proposal. I’m not gonna talk about that ’cause it will surely result to at least 4 ‘are you serious?’ conversations. Haha.

After publishing this, I’m gonna allow myself to feel all the emotions brought about by watching the movie. Just for tonight. And hope that tomorrow brings me my “Gyoko”.


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! Maligayang Pasko! Malipayong Pasko!

I actually drafted a different post but decided against it just a few hours before Christmas Eve. Although unfinished, it was quickly becoming a depressing post lol. Like all previous Christmases, I’m spending it at home with my mother, brothers and maybe a cousin or two. We rarely get to spend it with our father because of his job. We’re used to it. And we’ve never been to anywhere for the season since we moved here when I was two.

This year’s Christmas is extra merry. We’re having relatives (my Nanay’s siblings and their families) over for Noche Buena. We’ll be hearing Christmas mass later and then eat the feast (yes, I’m calling it that) we prepared. Family and food. Great way to spend Christmas, don’t you agree?

I don’t usually receive gifts during this season but this year I’ve got plenty =D. ‘Cause I bought myself some ahaha. But the greatest gifts really are the blessings God bestowed my family and myself all year round. Couldn’t ask for more. To give back, I became a UNICEF Champion for Children. It’s not much, but it’s something. I’m encouraging everyone to give back as well ^_^. For more information, please visit

It’s always difficult for me to pen a Christmas message each year so I keep it simple. My Christmas wish is for everyone to spend it with their loved ones and to have enough. Merry Christmas once again! Much love to all ^_^

Here are pictures of Christmas trees I managed to take (I wanted to take 1 for each day
of December) and a video of my favorite Christmas song, “A Grown-up Christmas List”.

Busy Christmas

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I really wanted to blog non-stop but as it turns out, my December schedule doesn’t allow me to.
However….. I will have two (at least two) brand new posts before the year ends. A Christmas (yeah….. ’tis the season after all) post and a year-end post. I still have to gather my thoughts haha.
Alright. Have to sleep now. Simbang Gabi starts tomorrow.
Enjoy the Christmas season everyone. Give love and be merry! 


December 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Blogging from my iPhone 4. So far I’m liking it.
Too bad something’s wrong with my laptop and it won’t charge.
Also worried about Super Show 3 tickets. Paid through the producer’s rep last Sunday but received no word still and ticketing has already started. We might not get tickets at all.

December started rocky but I am still thankful and hopeful that everything will turn out great!

Will post more soon!

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