Happy New Year!! — once again =D

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

On the same day a year ago, I posted my first entry here. It also happened to be new year’s greetings like this one.

Happy New Year!!!

Whew! Time really does fly so fast, doesn’t it? It feels like I started this blog just yesterday. 40 entries for the first year. I wanted to do more really but I found it quite difficult to do. What with life happening, the occasional laziness, lack of inspiration, and work. Haha.

So many things have happened since that first entry. I wrote on some, ranted on twitter on others and kept to myself a few. I actually wanted to do a year-end post but I change my mind lol. I’ve got less than two hours to finish this for it to be officially a New Year’s post. Ahaha

Looking back, I say the past year was another great year. I travelled in and out of the country. I saw awesome concerts. Also bought some neat expensive stuff. I also became an adult financially. Of course, I didn’t just enjoy, I also gave back.

Not only that, I also got connected with old friends and acquaintances, opened up myself to other people and most importantly, I’ve learned to trust again. A bit. ahaha that’s an improvement from last year, believe me.

I am a far cry to what I wanted to accomplish when 2010 started. I fell short on health and financial goals I set but it’s really alright. There is no reason to feel rushed.

“If you think back and replay your year, if it doesn’t bring you tears either joy or sadness, consider the year wasted.” John Cage said this to Ally McBeal on the last episode of their 1st season. No quote could be more appropriate than this one. On the little time I allowed myself to have, I attempted to think about the things that have happened to me. There were times when I felt like crying, felt confused, got furious, felt happy, felt thankful, felt satisfied, felt wanting and felt indifferent. Right now, I am smiling.

I am not in tears but it doesn’t mean that the year was wasted. I just don’t have tears to cry right now (that’s another thing I’m working on for 2011). For me, the year was just right. There were lots of good and happy events and there were bad and worse events. I think I’ve handled all of them quite well.

2011 would probably be a difficult year for me and my family. If current events (and my burnt hand) are any indication of things to happen, my hands, mind and heart are gonna be fuller than 2010. I’m not sure I am prepared but I sure am willing to take anything that will happen.

Still no resolutions, just goals for the new year. Health and financial goals are still ongoing from last year =D. The most important and hardest goal I have for this year is to find myself =D I guess that’s it.

Here’s to everybody having enough for 2011! Much love to all!


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