Sophie’s Revenge

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie post. Oh wait. I did one about 3 weeks ago.
Okay. Another movie post haha.

I was in the middle of watching “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” but didn’t want to watch the last 6 episodes if I didn’t watch it in one go. So I opted to watch a movie instead.

“Sophie’s Revenge” came highly recommended. It stars Zhang Ziyi, Peter Ho and So Ji-sub. Unlike Ziyi’s usual movies, this is a romantic comedy. Awww I watched 2 romcoms in a span of 3 weeks. 0_0

Ziyi plays Sophie, a comic book artist. Jeff, played by So Ji-sub, left Sophie for another woman, Joanna, just two months before their wedding. This left Sophie on a depressed state until finally, she decided to do everything she can to get Jeff back in time for the set wedding.

Being an imaginative woman, Sophie devised “strategies” which she also plans to publish in her new comic book. However, her first plan backfires. She then meets Gordon (Peter Ho) who Sophie thinks is Joanna’s past lover and engages his help.

It really isn’t the most original film there is. It is predictable. I’ve read reviews and I’m actually quite surprised none have mentioned that it is very similar to Meg Ryan’s “Addicted to Love”. This movie however is quirkier. It’s fun. Really fun.

Scorned women, well.. women in general can easily relate to this movie. I remembered fantasizing in the past (Yes! All in the past now!) about making an ex-boyfriend fall in love with me again and then rejecting him blah blah blah. Ahahaha.

It’s also refreshing to see Zhang Ziyi play a lighter role than her normal ones (refer to The Road Home, Memoirs of a Geisha, and House of Flying Daggers). She’s sooooo cute, animated and quirky here. And it’s not just Ziyi, the whole cast is great.

The screenplay is also good. There’s not much one can do with a typical and over-used plot. But with a great screenplay, the plot doesn’t seem as important.

I totally recommend this movie. Just don’t be too cynical and let yourself enjoy =D

It has an official site and check the trailer below.


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