All About Marriage

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

2nd post for the night. You can tell I’m cramming a month’s worth of posts here. *breathes* okay here we go.


“All About Marriage” is a drama I have been following for 7 months. It’s a Korean family drama with 56 episodes. Yes! 56! I didn’t actually watch all of the episodes but I made it a point to watch “pivotal” episodes. =D The subbed broadcast on KBS World (Channel 55 on Sky Cable Cebu) ended this month.

As this is a “marriage” drama, I can’t totally relate to it (being the single person I am). But surprisingly, I got drawn to it. Not only me, but one of my brothers too. Echan got hooked a few episodes before me. And since we only have 1 tv connected to the cable service, Aaron (a cousin) and I had no choice but to watch it too.

The whole drama revolves around the Kim family and the relationships of the three children. The main character however is the oldest son’s wife, Nam Jungim.

Jungim supported her husband Taeho through graduate school until finally he becomes a professor at a university. Their happiness however is short-lived as Taeho meets Seoyoung, a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Taeho and Seoyoung would have a more-than-friends but not-quite-lovers relationship and this ultimately leads to Jungim’s and Taeho’s divorce.

Although I hate to admit it (because I love the drama XD), the drama drags on at times and it’s apparent that the writers had to stretch the plot so much to cover 56 episodes. It’s also a bit of a disappointment that the whole drama (conflicts and all) ties up in only 2 episodes. Talk about a rushed ending.

But despite that, I still love the drama. The best points are the characters and the actors playing them. I cannot pick one actor who didn’t play his/her role well. They are so effective that it wasn’t hard to hate an antagonist or to empathize to a protagonist. There were numerous times that I wanted to throw things at the TV because of frustration or anger at the characters. Lol. There were also numerous times that I wanted to cry my heart out.

It’s a good drama all in all. It makes one think about the real meaning of marriage.

Below is the trailer. ^^


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