January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last post for the day. Whew! Not bad for the first month of 2011.


A book a month was one of the goals I fell short last year. I’m making up this year.
January read is “Pharaoh” by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.

Despite having at least 10 unread books on my nightstand, I picked up this book one time I was at a bookstore. Mainly because of the cover. Hehe. And also because I have a slight interest on Egyptology but never got around to feed it. #foreverregretfulaboutnotgettinganegyptologydegree

William Blake, a disgraced Egyptologist, is commissioned by a mining company to investigate an untouched tomb of a Pharaoh they discovered miles from the Valley of the Kings. He would soon find out that the identity of the individual buried in the tomb could shatter the foundations of major religions.

It isn’t an epic read and yet it cost me many late nights. The romance part kinda put me off. That, however, isn’t a significant part so it’s forgivable. The plot and historical references are very interesting.

My rating: 3/5. Enjoyable read altogether.


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