August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s my 28th birthday! ^_^

I’m kinda just reposting this post right here from what I said on twitter and fb earlier as I only have 20 minutes till the day ends haha.

Contrary to my expectations, my 28th was great! Just a handful of well-meant greetings, wishes, hugs and kisses from people who matter and spending the day witnessing love (of different forms) all around. I’m thankful. =D

I love how I spent the day not for myself but as a normal day. It was like I was seeing my world from another person’s eyes. And what I saw was love.

Friends sticking up with each other. Family saving each other’s asses. Loyalty. Kindness. Love all around.

I also love how I only got few greetings. And I got them from people who really matter. With the advent of social networking sites, greeting someone (not just on birthdays) lacked the sincerity that should come with the greeting. I’m happy to have gotten greetings that came from the heart. :)

I also got to witness a friend’s wedding. It certainly is a first. Spending my birthday in someone else’s celebration for an entirely different occasion.

To sum this up, I’m happy. ^_^


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