September Highlight: All 4 One and Color Me Badd Concert

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

My September highlight is none other than the All 4 One and Color Me Badd Live in Cebu Concert! *fangirl screams*

Yes. It’s been 9 16 days after the concert and I still can’t get over it. It was utterly awesome!

Color Me Badd and All 4 One are two of my favorite music acts in the 90’s. Heh =D. Being born in the 80’s meant growing up listening to the best R&B groups that ever were. I had no doubt I was going to see and hear (!!!) them live when news came about the concert.

I went with friends from work who incidentally are people within the same age range. Each group performed their hit songs such as “The Earth, The Sun, The Rain” for Color Me Badd and “I Swear” for All 4 One. They then performed together for a Michael Jackson tribute. They were fantastic!

As expected, I was fangirling the whole time. I must have flailed every time a song starts. Their voices haven’t changed at all. It was like listening to the recorded versions. My ears were in heaven. Even now, I get so happy when I remember I saw them perform.

I have 2 fancams. I wasn’t able to do more ’cause my phone battery was low. Please don’t mind the screams (some were of me…). I actually am embarrassed I recorded myself fangirling but I just have to share them. Enjoy!

The Earth, The Sun, The Rain – Color Me Badd

I Can Love You Like That – All 4 One


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