No Other Woman

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Movie post! I haven’t done one in ages so I’m finding it a bit difficult to start. This would also be the first Filipino movie I’ve written about.

“No Other Woman” is a movie about 2 women fighting for one guy. One is the wife and the other is.. well, the other woman. Ha. Wife, Charmaine (Christine Reyes) finds out that husband, Ram (Derek Ramsay) is having an affair with gorgeous heiress Kara (Anne Curtis), but refuses to give up and fights for their marriage.

The story is typical. It’s not the greatest film Star Cinema has released and they do (usually) release good films. IMO, there were too many sex scenes (I remember at least 4) and some other scenes were just cliches. Character development was also lacking. I was also a bit disappointed with the ending. It’s too similar to the one in Aga Muhlach and Maricel Soriano’s “A Love Story”. I’d rate the screenplay 2 out of 5, at most. But hey, that’s just me.

Despite that, my girlfriends and I (and a million other people apparently) enjoyed it. The lines were so juicy. Even days after watching the film, I’m still hearing people quoting them. And the actors actresses delivered them so well, it sounded delicious. Yes, delicious.

Below is the trailer. Too bad translating the lines to English would make it sound awkward.

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