My Jams in 2011

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My 2nd year-end post is all about music. Yeah! I’m no expert so this isn’t a “Best of Music in XXXX” list. This is a list of everything I watched/listened to in 2011 that is music-related.

Let’s start with the concerts.

Super Show 3
My February Highlight. Super Junior’s 3rd Asia Tour. Me = ELF. Super Show = must-go-to concert. Enough said.

Bruno Mars Live in Cebu
BRUNO MARS IN CEBU! Anyone who lives in Cebu and is updated with music trends would understand why this event can be summarized by that one phrase. This also was my April Highlight.

All 4 One and Color Me Badd Concert in Cebu
September Highlight. Putting aside fandoms, this was no doubt the concert I enjoyed the most. Even after months, I still feel a tiny bit high whenever their songs come on and I remember the concert. =D

Now, albums and songs I liked (on varying degrees) for the year.

Mr. Simple and the repackaged version, A-Cha – Super Junior’s 5th studio album. It is better than the 4th although the 2nd remains to be the best (in my opinion). Fandom membership (hehe) compels me to include this on my list. I actually bought 4 copies and planned to buy all 10 covers. (lol the things I do for fandom). Seriously though, the album is good. I like the title songs, Mr. Simple, Superman and A-cha, but I love the ballads (A Day, Andante, Storm, and Memories) most.

A Day

21 – Adele’s 2nd studio album. I have kept tabs on Adele since I heard “Chasing Pavements” and “Make You Feel My Love” in 2009 and when I heard late last year that she’s releasing a new album, I had to restrain myself from pre-ordering the CD. I visited every record store in the city (in Manila too) for it but I was unlucky. Anyway, I got the album through iTunes. I love it. “Turning Tables” was my first favorite, followed by “Set Fire to the Rain” and after countless replays, I decided “Don’t You Remember” is my most favorite track.

Turning Tables
Don’t You Remember

D.M. – Daichi Miura’s 3rd album. I don’t have the album YET and I haven’t listened to all the songs YET. So why is it on my 2011 list? Because I already know 3 songs by heart; “The Answer”, “Turn Off The Light” and “Lullaby”. Of the three, I like “Lullaby” the most. Not only is the song good, the choreography and the MV are too. I plan to buy the album as soon as my wallet (bank account/credit cards) allow me to.


Cry Cry by T-ara(티아라) – It is one of the best KPOP releases this year for me. I love the song and it’s ballad version. It also has a 15 minute music video. Live performances weren’t great though.

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj – Probably one of the few American songs I loved this year. I have yet to meet someone who won’t sing along when this comes up.

How To Love by Lil Wayne – I’m not much of a Lil Wayne fan but this song got me on the first play. Haha. It’s surprising that Lil Wayne can actually sing a song like this.

Hey Daydreamer by Somedaydream – Yey! One of three Pinoy songs on my least. This is on my list because 1) I like it and 2) it’s a first for Philippine Pop. Pinoys do good ballads but not so much on Western-styled pop songs. However, MV could have been done better.

Who Says by Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Love You Like a Love Song” is catchier but this one’s better for me. The lyrics are meaningful. Truthfully, what appeals to me most about this song is… it’s not as popular. =D

Take a Chance on Me by JLS. By one of my favorite English boybands. It’s not as catchy as their previous singles (Beat Again and Everybody in Love) but I think it’s as good.

If I Could Turn It Back 되돌릴 수 있다면 by Clazziquai’s Alex – Did a post of this earlier this year. Every time I listen to it, I feel my heart move and it makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. Haha.

Sit!Stay!Wait!Down! by Namie Amuro. One of Jpop’s queens released a number of songs this year and while I like most of them, this would have to be my fave. I imagine myself singing this to a guy… wahaha.

Ikaw at Ako by Johnoy Danao. Sadly, the only Filipino song in Tagalog in my list. A beautiful song that expresses one’s commitment to the person one is married to. Beautiful lyrics to a lovely tune and Johnoy Danao’s soulful voice. A perfect song.

Kina Grannis. I simply adore her. I am in awe every single time I hear her voice. Her songs “The One You Say Goodnight To” and “In Your Arms” are faves.

AJ Rafael – A Filipino-American musician and internet celebrity whose music is just awesome. There’s only a handful of his songs I don’t like much. I like “When We Say (Juicebox)” the most. I also like “Emma Watson”. BTW, I still am looking for an audio file of his and Kina’s cover of “Two is Better Than One”.

Who’s That Girl by Guy Sebastian – A 2010 song but still remained one of my most played jams in 2011. I can never not dance (even just a chair dance) when it comes on.

Kiss Goodbye by Leeteuk – An old song by Leehom Wang that I did not know until Leeteuk of Super Junior sang it for his solo stage in SS3. The song is beautiful as it is and Leeteuk’s voice complimented it very well. I wish he’d release this.

Possibility by BoA and Daichi Miura – A 2010 single by two of my favorite artists. This remains to be my ultimate jam. I could listen to this song on repeat the whole day.

And my two most favorite ballads of the year are by Kyuhyun of Super Junior. The first is “The Way to Break Up” and the second is “Late Autumn”. Kyuhyun’s voice is as usual, flawless.

The Way to Break Up” is a track on the OST of Poseidon, a Korean drama that starred another Super Junior member, Siwon. The song tells a story of a man that has lost a love and is coping up with now one-sided feelings.

Late Autumn” is a song on the Monthly Project 2011 of Yoon Jongshin. Released in November, the song tells of a man who remembers a love and is preparing for a lonely Winter.

Both songs touched me the most this year. The feel of the songs are quite similar but still different. They made my heart ache with sadness and even though I am not heartbroken, I remember the feeling of sadness and longing.

Whew. That ends my list. I didn’t think it’d be this long. And there’s still a lot I didn’t include like new releases by The Wanted and Pixie Lott. I’ll be sure to continue sharing more music in the coming year. =D


Merry Christmas!! (another Christmas post)

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I realize this post’s title is similar to last year’s. To differentiate, I added one more exclamation point. See? =D

I read last year’s post and I’m ashamed to admit that I seemed to have forgotten what the season is for. It is to commemorate and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This time is different, I hope.

This year’s celebration is pretty much the same. The family and extended family (Nanay’s siblings with their families) got together to spend Christmas Eve and Day. We went to church and then partook on a feast prepared especially for the occasion. Events such as this are best spent with the family, don’t you agree?

Found some short films that I’d like to share with ya’ll. I was deeply touched by the messages conveyed and I hope you will be too. Once again, Merry Christmas!

While writing this, an uncle of mine was rushed to the hospital. He was having a hard time breathing. Please join me in praying he will be alright.

My 2011 in Travels

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In an attempt to do something different, I decided late last month that I would be doing a series of year-end posts of things I did in 2011. This the first of ’em, my 2011 travels.

Manila – February

My nth time in Manila (went to a Manila university so…) and 2nd time with pretty cousins and fellow ELFs, Jessah, Hazel and Melca. My mother and another ELF, Stephen tagged along for the trip. Went there to watch Super Junior’s Super Show III. Stayed at Makati Shangri-La Hotel for a night. This was the first time I paid for a stay at a luxury hotel. Fun weekend trip.

Davao – March
Vacation with friends from work, Ann, Janzel and her hubby, Johnson. My first time in Davao. We spent the first day relaxing at the gorgeous Pearl Farm, toured the city on the second day, and lazed around on the third. It was a lovely trip.

Manila – July
Haha Manila again. This time with Nanay and my brothers, Sandrou (Dodot) and Christian (Echan). Visited the Manila Ocean Park, SM MOA and then played slots at PAGCOR Parañaque (really just watched Nanay play). It was just a one-day trip but very memorable. T’was the first time my brothers and I got to spend a day there together.

Hong Kong – October
The last and the most memorable trip I had this year is definitely this one. First (hopefully not the last) international family trip. A four-day trip to Hong Kong! Nanay, Dodot, Echan and I had this booked months before. We were so lucky Tatay had a business trip on the same dates. As this was my second time in HK, I got tasked the stressful scheduling and planning. We stayed at the Regal Riverside Hotel. Toured the family to the same places I went to the first time except for places Nanay was too afraid or tired to go. Had bad moments however the great memories far outweighed them.

Due to time and financial constraints, this year probably had the least amount of trips. BUT it was certainly the best! I hope 2012 would allow me and my family to travel and make more wonderful memories.

Batang Nanaygon

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Ganiha nagselebrar mi sa adlawng natawhan sa usa nako ka ig-agaw. Mga alas otso naay nanaygon sa amoa. Bata. Siya ra usa. Balde sa pintal ang iyang gamit para panaygon. Gipasulod siya nilang Nanay ug gipakaon. Gitapdan nako siya kay basin maulaw sa ubang mga bisita. Labong nagtan-aw ko sa iyaha, gikumot akong dughan. Kaluoy intawn sa bata. Otso anyos siya. Gamay para sa iyang edad. Lima silang magsuon. Gipangutana nako siya kung nganong siya ra usa. Miingon siya nga manaygon lagi. Gipangutana pa nako siya kung wala ba sya pangitaa sa ilaha. Miana siya dili ra man daw. Layo diay ilaha ug naglakaw ra tawn siya para makapanaygon. Wala pa siyay panihapon ato. Hinay ra sya nagkaon. Pagkataod taod, miingon siya nga dili na niya tiwason iyang pagkaon ug pwede ba niya putson para makakaon iyang mga manghud. Gipatiwas nako siya ug gipaputsan siya ni Nanay ug pagkaon. Gipasakay siya namo ug trisikad padulong sa ilaha kay bug-at ang putos para sa iyaha. Pila na ka-oras ang nilabay gikan sa iyang paghawa. Naluoy pa gihapon ko. Sa madugay nga panahon, maglisod ko ug hilak ug wala na ko mahinumdom kanus-a ko kinalasan nakahilak. Pero karon nga naghigda na ko ug nag-inusara, sayon rang nitulo akong mga luha. Daghan karon ang nangamatay tungod sa trahedya ug makaluluoy kining panghitaboa apan mas naluoy ko sa gamayng bata nga naningkamot manaygon aron makakaon. Maayo unta nga karong pasko, mahayagan ang atong mga panghunahuna ug lamdagan sa Ginoo atong mga kasingkasing para mutabang sa mga nanginahanglan niini. Dili unta kita magdinalo ug kung mahimo, kalimtan usa nato atong kaugalingon. Nanghinaot ko nga katong bata nakauli ug tarong ug matarong unta ang iyang ugma.

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