Merry Christmas!! (another Christmas post)

December 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I realize this post’s title is similar to last year’s. To differentiate, I added one more exclamation point. See? =D

I read last year’s post and I’m ashamed to admit that I seemed to have forgotten what the season is for. It is to commemorate and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This time is different, I hope.

This year’s celebration is pretty much the same. The family and extended family (Nanay’s siblings with their families) got together to spend Christmas Eve and Day. We went to church and then partook on a feast prepared especially for the occasion. Events such as this are best spent with the family, don’t you agree?

Found some short films that I’d like to share with ya’ll. I was deeply touched by the messages conveyed and I hope you will be too. Once again, Merry Christmas!

While writing this, an uncle of mine was rushed to the hospital. He was having a hard time breathing. Please join me in praying he will be alright.



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