Can You Be My Chammak Challo?

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Title sounds familiar? Or maybe not. To Bollywood enthusiasts, it should be. The line is the chorus of a song on Ra.One’s OST.

Thanks to a friend’s influence, I’ve watched more Bollywood films than I did in the past years (my past record was 1 haha). I enjoyed “3 Idiots” so much it wasn’t hard to convince me to watch another one. I still find myself cringing at the dance numbers at times but those times have significantly decreased.

I watched 3 more Hindi films, 1 UK-produced and 1 US-produced film with Indian casts in a just over a month.

Among the five films, my favorite is the 2008 remake of Ghajini (Hindi: गजनी). It stars Aamir Khan (who in my opinion is a great actor!) as Sanjay Singhania, a rich telecommunications chairman who has anterograde amnesia as a result of an incident that resulted to the death of his girlfriend, Kalpana. He uses a Polaroid camera and tattoos important information on his body to remind himself of his purpose which is to avenge Kalpana’s death.

Fanaa (Hindi: फ़ना, Urdu: فناء, English: Destroyed in love) is another Aamir Khan movie. He stars as Rehan, a flirty tour guide who seemed to have taken a liking to a blind dancer, Zooni who traveled to Delhi with a dance troupe to perform. As typical of a Hindi film (at least to the few I’ve seen), the first part always isn’t all of it and there’s always a twist.

Ra.One is a science fiction superhero film. Story isn’t too original but nonetheless, it is very entertaining. This is the first Bollywood movie I watched where I did not find the dance sequences awkward. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Criminal and Chammak Challo (two songs on the OST) are so catchy, I have my colleagues singing the chorus with me. And they haven’t even seen the film.

When Harry Tries to Marry is about a young man, Harry, an Indian-American who decides to have a traditional arranged marriage with an Indian woman. Everything goes as planned, except he develops feelings towards an American friend.

And the last movie, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife is a British comedy about an Indian mother, Mrs. Sethi, obsessed with marrying off her daughter. She is met with obstacles as her daughter Roopi is on the plump side. Matchmaking offers were rudely rejected and in revenge, Mrs. Sethi murders a number of people. This one had me laughing out loud the whole time.

Ending this post with movie cuts of Chammak Challo and Criminal. Enjoy! :D


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