Brian McKnight in Cebu

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Last year, we had All-4-One and Color Me Badd. This year, we had Brian McKnight! The one and only Brian McKnight! I couldn’t have been more thrilled than I was when I heard about the concert.

If there was a soundtrack to my life, it’ll definitely have his songs on it. One Last Cry, Still In Love, Anytime, Back at One, 6, 8, 12, Still, Home and Love of My Life are only a few of his songs that I love so much. Mr. McKnight’s voice hasn’t change, even on the high notes. I was in cloud nine. I sobbed (didn’t really cry, just mimicked sobbing sounds haha) because it felt so good listening to him live.

Unlike the concert in Manila, this is a benefit concert and the proceeds will go to Don Bosco’s Boys’ Home. Not only did we enjoy Brian McKnight’s awesomeness, we also helped out Bosconians from the Boys’ Home.

To the old man seated in front of me and my friends last night, excuse us for shrieking, sobbing, flailing and singing like the fangirls/boys we are.

And shrieked we did. Got the fancams to prove it. :D


Charice Infinity Tour in Cebu

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Never have I thought that I would go and see Charice Pempengco sing live but I did without much convincing from a friend. Okay. I did it as a deal. In exchange to her accompanying me to another concert this weekend (I’ll be posting about that next week), I agreed to watching this one. And I don’t regret doing so.

Charice is undoubtedly one of a handful Filipino singers who made it big internationally. Her voice is simply amazing. Oprah referred to her as “The Most Talented Girl in the World”. And she is.

The concert wasn’t sold out as announced on Ticketnet (another friend who is a Chaster, said conspiratorially that it was a ploy against her) however the turnout was still great. I was surprised to see that the VIP section and the 2nd most expensive section had the most people. Being the concert part of the Infinity Tour, most songs were from her 2nd album, Infinity. She also did renditions of Adele’s Someone Like You and Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away among others.

I’ll be updating this post as soon as my fancams are uploaded on youtube.
For the moment, here are videos of Louder from Infinity and Nobody’s Singin’ To Me from her first album, Charice.

The promised fancams! I uploaded only the decent ones.

how to be a japanographer

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how to be a japanographer.

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