I was a bum for 7 weeks.

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

That’s 49 calendar days or 30 business days, whichever you prefer.

Hi. It has been awhile, hasn’t it?

Contrary to what it seems, I didn’t forget about the existence of this blog. I was on an unannounced hiatus following major real life events.

No, I didn’t get married. I was “out of work” for a good month.

The week following my last post was pretty much the hardest one I had this year. I “lost” a friend and then lost my job. I’ll be skipping the friend part because I don’t feel much about it. I just see it as an omen of the more important event.

The team I was with for 5 years was dissolved because it had become a liability. I still believe that the vast information the team provides is way important than how the management perceives it to be but that really doesn’t matter now. The team and one other team are “hurting their financials” and we were deemed disposable and were consequently dissolved. We were offered “options” but most of the team passed up because we felt we deserved better. And we do.

Prior to the dissolution of the team, half of the team applied for another position in another account (same company) and got hired. However, bad things really do come in threes. 1 – “friend” issue; 2 – team dissolution; 3 – hiring freeze, that resulted to my unplanned 7-week vacation.  This post commemorates the start of my new job. We started last Friday, the 1st of June.

So I was a bum for 7 weeks. I feel great.

I started working for the company in August of 2005 and ever since, the longest vacation I had was 5 days. Imagine that. I got a week of vacation for every year that I worked.

I did so many things I haven’t done in a long time. Like reading. I was either reading, getting caught up on TV series or movies or going out on lunches. I was very productive. I didn’t do any writing though. Not here, not on my journal and not even on my Flava app.

Why? Probably because I avoided thinking for fear of it leading to OVER-thinking. I did some thinking but mostly about fallback options and not about self-evaluations. I also didn’t want to risk talking about the dissolution of the team. I might have been unable to stop myself from talking/writing so much more than I should. I also wanted to enjoy the time I was given. It was a blessing in disguise. I was able to rest and recharge for what’s ahead.

This experience was good. Parting with people especially ones that were part of your life for a very long time is always sad. Moving on to other things and out of something that has become a comfort zone is scary. But it’s good. I was reminded once again that life is certainly uncertain and that one has to try to their utmost capabilities to be prepared for whatever life brings.

I’m gonna be posting more after I get settled with the new job. I’m a bit worried but I’m confident I’ll be fine and do good.


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