Clarity through a Yellow Hungry Heart – LLP #1

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I always tell my friends that if I was born rich and don’t have to worry about money, I would study music and immerse myself with it. I love music and although my musical abilities are limited to basic knowledge of notes and (lame) ability to carry a tune, I would still do it if given a chance. But since I cannot do it now, I am settling for what I can now… bugging my friends and you guys here about it! lol

So I am featuring 3 songs I absolutely adore every week (OMG the commitment!). 1 new or relatively new (launched within the last 3 months/6 months on hit charts), 1 relatively old (not new), and a classic (even older than the two). I am also gonna do a cover of one of the songs (gasp! the horror!). And I’m calling this post series LLP or Luokeshan’s Life Playlist (yah I know, it’s lame and terribly common).

This debut LLP post has three of the songs currently topping my iTunes’ most played list. Clarity, Yellow, and Hungry Heart (yep, the post title is a play of the three titles).

Clarity – Zedd ft. Foxes
Released in iTunes in October 2012 and as EP in February 2013. #3 this week on Rick Dees Weekly Top 40.

Electric dance/house music isn’t my usual thing but I do like the occasional one. Discovered through Smule’s Sing! Karaoke app. I “hijacked” another user’s duet performance, sang over her parts and made it a solo /smirk. I was gonna include that perf on this post but it wasn’t a good one so….. The guy on the video that’s just standing is Zedd, in case you didn’t know.

Yellow – Coldplay
Recorded and released in 2000.

You know, for you I’d bleed myself dry“. I am a sucker for songs with passionate lyrics. Read on wiki that this song is about an unrequited love. Okay, good to know (lol). Yesterday (in EDT, 8/29), I was browsing songs in Sing! and saw this. I get this sudden urge to sing it so uhhmm I did. Used my precious free credits (earned by patiently clicking on in-app ads). Perf link below the video. Don’t cringe too much when you listen, okay? But if you like it, go on and click on the heart button and maybe check out my other perfs. :D

Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen
Released in 1980.

Thank you Warm Bodies (the movie) for introducing this song to me and probably to a lot of younger people who weren’t alive when it was released. I had one Bruce Springsteen song on my playlist (a live performance of Stand by Me with U2) and it wasn’t even his song.

That’s it. Tune in (hehe) next week for three more!



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4:26 Studios

Emily. The story of betrayal.

Our first concept shoot created using the Canon 5D3 and Magic Lantern Raw Module.

Directed by: Christian Vega

Cinematographers: Christian Vega
Sandrou Vega

Hmua: Jayvert Cabahug

Cosplayer/Actress: Diane Marie M. Sabandeja

Special thanks to Fernand Vicoy ( Photography) and Chongbit Castillo for assisting us during the shoot

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The Beast & The B*tch

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A.. all the way! 😂

Join the Clone Club

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Long overdue (like almost all my posts lol) post!

About a month ago, I finally got around to watching a new show called Orphan Black. I’ve come across mentions of it through Twitter and Tumblr early this year but I was too engrossed with my then current list of shows to watch, that I didn’t have time to check out new ones. Last month, out of whim, I downloaded the entire first season and started watching. I watched the entire season in a day. It was awesome to the 100th level!


Orphan Black is about a woman named Sarah Manning who through witnessing a suicide of a woman who looks identical to herself discovers that she is one of several clones. Sarah initially thought the woman, Beth, was her twin and assumed her identity to escape her ex-boyfriend who she stole drugs from and to acquire her “twin’s” funds so she can get her daughter back from her foster mother. Soon after assuming Beth’s identity however, she realized that her life would never be the same.

So like I said, this show is beyond awesome! The plots and lines are good but it’s mostly because of the lead, Tatiana Maslany. She’s utterly amazing. She played 7 clones (7!), 4 of which were major clones. And she pulled it off. She was able to give each clone her own character. Even on scenes where one clone plays another clone, I was still able to identify who that clone really is. I was very much impressed.


And Jordan Gavaris! Felix Felix Felix! Jordan plays Sarah’s foster brother, Felix Dawkins. He’s gay and sassy. He’s the perfect support character!


And Dylan as Paul Dierden, Beth’s fiancee turned Sarah’s lover when the latter assumed the former’s identity. Not only that, his role is also uhhmmm… hmmmm… can’t say without giving out spoilers. Anyway, Tatiana and Jordan’s acting chaps overshadow Dylan’s but it’s okay. He’s yummy. Please see photo below lol. Wasn’t able to find a screencap of this particular scene so I took one myself. =D

Wow - Paul

The first season is only 10 (short) episodes so go on… find a copy, start watching, and join the clone club fanclub!

Oh oh oh I just have to include this. One of my favorite Orphan Black gif sets.

Warm Bodies (LTTP Movie Review)

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I recommended first lol 😁

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