Jon and Sara – LLP #2

September 16, 2013 § 3 Comments

So much for commitment, right? If I were another person, I would say I must have problems committing. I’m even thinking that of myself now lol. That or I’m lazy, which at this time would not be groundless seeing as I have less and less post every year lol. What can I say? I would rather read, watch, listen and want to write after but don’t actually do it.

Last week, one of my brothers was looking through a wedding video of another videographer and my good (at least to me) music radar came on. The song on the wedding video tore my heart so I dragged myself out of bed, headed outside, turned Shazam on my iPhone and tagged the song. It was If Only I by Jon McLaughlin, the same guy who sang So Close from Enchanted.

So on my last weekend (which is now Thursdays and Fridays), I went through his videos on Youtube and fell in love….. with his voice and music lol. Not only his but also Sara Bareilles. For this LLP post, I’m featuring songs by them.

Manhattan – Sara Bareilles
On the 3rd full-length album entitled The Blessed Unrest released on July 12, 2013. Lyric video posted on Youtube on July 16, 2013.

This is up on my list of “tearjerker songs for the heartbroken”. Tears fell from my eyes the first time I heard it. The lyric video is also stunning. Even if you’re not heartbroken, you won’t be able to stop yourself from feeling the sadness. Sara Bareilles is awesome. She can sing, dance, play the guitar, and a virtuoso! I want her for an elder sister or a best friend. We’d probably click. Favorite line from this song is “I’ll wish this away dismissing the days when I was one half of two.

If Only I – Jon McLaughlin
On the 3rd full-length album entitled Promising Promises released on May 22, 2012.

I actually should have fallen in love with Jon when So Close was released. But then I was in a one-sided love with a real guy, so I didn’t (lol). This song made my sleepy head wake up and lead me to the wonderful re-discovery of the handsome and talented Jon McLaughlin. When Jon sings and plays on the piano, he looks very passionate and it melts my heart. I wish I had my own Jon lol XD

Summer Is Over – Jon McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles
Released on January 2012. On the 3rd full-length album entitled Promising Promises released on May 22, 2012.

So this third song doesn’t actually qualify as a classic because it isn’t. But but but! Jon and Sara doing a song together is heavenly. Their voices, their gorgeousness, their pianos. If Jon isn’t married, I’d totally ship him with Sara. They just look good together. How can I tell? Look at the video. The scenes where they are on two separate pianos and playing together are love.

That’s it for my second LLP post. This week should be week #3 but… This week I’ll have two posts… Promise!


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