LLP #3 – I am Asian

September 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Week 3 post! Yay! Never mind that this week’s supposed to be week #5 already heh. You’d be glad to know (or maybe just me) that I have another post lined up after this.

If you’ve checked my profile page (which isn’t much really), you’d know that I am an Asian. So LLP #3 is all about Asian songs. I plan to feature more Asian songs later on but thought I’d start with these three. One is a Cebuano song, one is Korean, and one is Japanese.

Pa-Pictura ko Nimu, Gwapo – Marie Salvaleon
VISPOP 2013 Finalist. Recorded on April 2013.

I am an Asian. I am a Filipino. I am a Visayan. Specifically, I am a Cebuano. Confused? You probably understand how I’m an Asian and Filipino. The Philippines or Pilipinas in our language (the beautiful country I live in) is an archipelago made up of approximately 7,107 islands and these islands are grouped into three main divisions. The island I live in is Cebu and it is grouped in Visayas, one of the three main divisions. So, I’m a Visayan and a Cebuano.

Enough of the brief geography lesson. This song is a Cebuano song. I am highlighting this because Cebuanos (and really Filipinos in general) do not do good pop songs. We do great ballads but not pop. This song is one of the finalists in the first ever Visayan Pop (VISPOP) Songwriting Campaign.

The song is about a girl asking her crush for a picture. She isn’t expecting for the guy to reciprocate her interest and she really just wants a picture so she can post it on Facebook and make other girls jealous. Lol.

Late Autumn – Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
November song for Yoon Jongshin’s 2011 Monthly Project.

I’ve actually included this song on a previous did a few years back “My Jams in 2011“. Sang by Kyuhyun of Super Junior, it remains to be one of the ballads that make me remember the feeling of longing and sadness. It doesn’t matter that this one is in Korean and I only know a handful of Korean words. The music and Kyuhyun’s soulful voice does it for me.

Below is a translation of the lyrics:

Opened the closet
A few pieces of cloths that caught my eyes
Although it’s little too early, I wore them
My reflection in the mirror looked the same as back then
It’ll be nice if the weather is colder

The sun is setting in the valley
The scent of coffee brought me back in time
When I looked at the winter cloths through the shop window

Yes, it’s you who brought me out
Clasping onto my hands in my pocket
The you of that late autumn, where has it gone
Missing the sound of your footsteps

Breathing in the cold air
My heart is missing you as well
Before my heart’s rushing
Let’s go back before the insufferable night comes

Yes, it’s you who brought me out
Clasping onto my hands in my pocket
The you of that late autumn, where has it gone
Missing the sound of your footsteps

Yes, it’s you who told me that autumn
The brown nights or loneliness
Now I’m preparing for the winter that’s approaching
The winter filled with endless darkness
The winter filled with you

Possibility – BoA and Miura Daichi
On the 7the Japanese studio album of BoA entitled “Identity”. Released February 2010.

This song was also included on my 2011 jam list. It is my favorite BoA song. It actually is a sad song however it’s not obvious with the composition. I also love that this is a duet with Miura Daichi. This guy is my favorite Japanese male singer (and I don’t really have other Japanese favorites). His voice is yummy and he can dance even yummier hahaha.

So that’s it for this post. LLP #4 should be up in a few days too.


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§ 2 Responses to LLP #3 – I am Asian

  • Green Embers says:

    I like the bottom one the best, then the top one. The middle one was just too sad. :(

    I want to know more about this pop thing. Tell me what’s going on there. Is it more of just don’t try or it just turns out kind of… meh?

    • luokeshan says:

      It turns kind of meh. Filipinos do rock really well. We have famous bands like Wolfgang, Greyhoundz and Kamikazee who do absolutely good rock. We do good ballads too.

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