2014 Reading Challenge

January 6, 2014 § 2 Comments

2014 Reading Challenge

Coming from the success that was my 2013 Reading Challenge, I signed up for Goodreads’ 2014 challenge. Increased my target to 20 from 12 books this time. I also am doing another reading challenge simultaneously. I am reading a book published on my birth year (1983) to the current year. Now, I’m not limiting myself to just a year to finish this challenge although finishing it this year would be awesome. I doubt I’d be able to do it in a year though. I spent free time at work last week checking out books and I have a list of 140 books for the last 30 years. And this list doesn’t include books that I already have.

I’ve just decided to add a criteria to reading challenge #2 (as if it isn’t hard enough already). I am only counting stand alone books towards this challenge. The reason for this is because I have listed so many series. In effect, there are years that have 4 or 5 titles aside from the stand alone ones. Another reason is I wanna see how diverse my reading taste could get.

Okay so below is my tentative list for challenge #2:

2014 RC 1
2014 RC 2
2014 RC 3


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