2014 TV Watchlist

January 14, 2014 § 4 Comments

Putting up a TV Watchlist and a commentary section are two of the new things I wanted to do for this blog this year. In the past, when I watch an episode of a series I follow, I check in on Getglue, get on Twitter and post comments and basically fangirl there. It’s fun but it’s temporary. Tweets go by really fast and are easily forgotten. If say I wanted to do a year-end review of all the episodes I watch, I wouldn’t remember the episodes and wouldn’t have something to base it on. However, I didn’t wanna flood my blog feed with short posts about them either.

So I thought I would do digests instead. Hence, the “Luokeshan the Fangirl Says” category. So I would do digests of series episodes. It will have short comments about the things I liked and hated for that episode. I don’t have limits to it yet and I am planning to do them weekly.

By the way, I use GetGlue, IMDb and uTrakt. GetGlue has a lot of users and I think it’s good for checking which shows are trending. I have the IMDb app but haven’t got around to checking it so no comments from me. uTrakt’s app on the other hand has an excellent calendar function.

Okay so below the cut is my current IMDB watchlist. The GER crew is checking out new shows this season and my watchlist may or may not have additions.

TV Watchlist 1 - IMDBTV Watchlist 2 - IMDBTV Watchlist 3 - IMDBTV Watchlist 4 - IMDBTV Watchlist 5 - IMDBTV Watchlist 6 - IMDBTV Watchlist 7 - IMDBTV Watchlist 8 - IMDBTV Watchlist 9 - IMDBTV Watchlist 10 - IMDBTV Watchlist 11 - IMDBTV Watchlist 12 - IMDBTV Watchlist 13 - IMDB


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