Florence + the Machine (LLP s2 – p10)

June 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Doing the first two TV/Movie Scene of the Week posts reminded me how much I love Florence and The Machine. The band should have been one of my first artist features but we can’t change the past, can we? Lol. I am now making amends.

Florence and the Machine

I can’t remember now how I first heard them. I think it maybe on the trailer of “Eat Pray Love”. “Dog Days Are Over” was my first Florence song so I think it was that. Most people would have known them because of Game of Thrones when the show used “Seven Devils”.

Florence’s voice is amazing. It is full of emotions and so powerful. I wish I had a voice like that. The first time I heard her, I had goosebumps. I also love how she performs. It seems like the music is coursing through her entire body and it’s overflowing and she can’t help but move and release it. And the songs. I love them! I won’t be pretentious and say I understand the lyrics completely because I don’t. Some of the lyrics are too deep for me. I love how they make me feel. “Shake It Out” is one of my favorite pick me up songs. Whenever I feel bad or anxious, I put this song on loop with the volume turned up. It helps me every time.

While I like almost all of the band’s songs, I’d have to select a few for this feature. Below are my top favorites from their two studio albums, “Lungs” and “Ceremonials”.

There’s talk about them working on a 3rd album. I’m so excited. Until then, I have these songs to loop.



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