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*from Goodreads

*from Goodreads

Title: Yesterday
Author: Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel (Translator)
Published Date: June 9, 2014
Synopsis: “Yesterday
Is two days before tomorrow,
The day after two days ago.
” – From Goodreads

Format: eBook (The New Yorker)
Date Started: June 29, 2014
Date Completed: June 29, 2014

This is probably the only “published” story I have read just hours (minutes even) after it was published; in this case the English translation. I follow the New Yorker on Twitter and saw their tweet while I was traveling to work. I started reading immediately however I decided not to finish it. I didn’t want to read the story just for the sake of reading. I wanted to savor it.

Last Sunday, I finally found some quiet time and got to reading. As the usual when I read a Murakami story, I get feels. This is the same for this story. It is a simple story but one that I can totally relate to. There was a time in my life where I would have been the third person in Kitaru and Tanimura’s group. The more I think about it, I am increasingly convinced that this is a very timely story for what my life is and my disposition to it is at this time.

And Mr. Murakami is fantastic as usual. I am not eloquent enough to describe what it is exactly I love with his writing style. Aside from the surrealism on most of his stories, I like the tone he uses. Events, emotions, everything in his stories feels muted and at the same time feels loaded. His stories make me feel so much but doesn’t make me want to be overly dramatic about it. I really can’t explain it clearly, lol. Mr. Gabriel, the translator for this story did a good job I think. The translation does not sound different at all from the other translated Murakami works.

I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this story. Each one of us would have had that time of our lives that is in this story. I’m sure of it. The next two or three “On The Quote Board” posts will be from this story. Also, if you want to read the story, I have linked the page above.

My rating on Goodreads is 4 stars (for Really Liked It).


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