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Last Cinderella Episode 3

Last Cinderella Episode 3

This pain isn’t an illness, is it?
It’s love, isn’t it?

Black Butler / Kuro Shitsuji (Movie Review)

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Violins (LLP s2 – p11)

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I’m switching up the regular posts for this week because I had two TV/Movie Scene of the week posts last week. So instead of another one today, I have an LLP posting. Yay! Comeback LLP post.

Ariana Grande’s Baby I is one of my favorite songs from 2013. A few days back, a Japanese fan blog I follow posted that the Japanese release of Ariana’s upcoming second album will include a bonus track. It is a remix of Baby I featuring popular Japanese violinist Taro Hakase. Remember that Celine Dion song with the fabulous violin piece? Yep, that was by Mr. Hakase. Of course, I scrambled to listen to this version. And yeah, I love it! It also reminded me of one other famous Japanese violinist that I like. This violinist is Naoto. He is a fusion violinist. He had a song on the live action series of Nodame Cantabile which is how I discovered him.

So this LLP post features the Baby I with violin version and two of my favorite Naoto songs. Enjoy!

Baby I by Ariana Grande feat. Taro Hakase

Twin Dragon by Naoto
On the Nodame Cantabile live action OST. This song is I think my first experience of fusion violin. It led me to discovering such a wonderful artist and one of my favorite songs.

Sanctuary by Naoto
This song got me through a tough time at work some years back (when I kept to myself for a year). When I had negative thoughts, I listen to this song and it calmed me. I may be listening to this song often at work nowadays too. Lol.

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