Deemo (LLP s2 – p12)

October 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

A couple weeks back, my nephew Francis got ahold of my phone and checked the games on it. He started playing one of the games I downloaded for free courtesy of Apps Gone Free but never got around to actually check and play them. The game is called Deemo and I am now addicted to it, lol.

You’re probably wondering why this is an LLP post when it’s a mobile game. It’s because it is actually a music game app (okay so I dunno the genre is really called). I am no good with such games but the music is fantastic. I love it! The game features a variety of music genres including but not exclusive to classical, pop, rock, electronic and even dubstep. I got hooked right after hearing the first notes of the first song, Dream and I’ve completed the game (at least the highest it’s on now) in just 2 weeks.

Anyway, below are my favorites from the first collection. I’m also including a video of a perfect game posted on Youtube. I can only dream of doing a perfect game. Lol.


Evolution Era

Wings of Piano

Reverse – Parallel Universe

Yubikiri – Genman


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