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August 15, 2015 § 2 Comments

community s04e11

Community Season 4 Episode 11 (Basic Human Anatomy)

Committing is hard because we’re all scared of what happens when we find out we committed to the wrong thing.


Immune (LLP s3 – p3)

August 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

The song that inspired the title of my last personal check-in post. Really though, I just didn’t know what to use for the last post and this song was my loop song last week.

One of the new additions to my watchlist this season is Syfy’s new show, Killjoys. The end scene of its 7th episode introduced me to yet another loop song and to a great band.

Immune by Groenland

Groenland is a Montreal based orchestral indie pop band. They released their first album, The Chase, in 2013. Immune is easily my most favorite single. Everything about the song does it for me. It’s one of those songs that catches your attention after listening to just a few notes.

And not just this song. The whole album is terrific. Other favorites are Daydreaming, and Our Hearts Like Gold.


(Mid) 2015 TV Watchlist

August 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Yeah yeah… This is way overdue. My last update was a year and a half ago. I cleaned up and updated my watchlist on IMDB. A few of my favorites have ended (#stillhurtingandsobbinginside) like HIMYM, and WH13. Dropped a few because a) they were boring b) too many to watch, so little time. And added lots (!) because sooooo many new good shows. Expect another update when the Fall shows come.

I never did get to starting the digests I planned to. Instead of the digests, I had the scene of the week posts from last year instead. I will try to do more for the rest of the year. This all depends on how unlazy I feel so yeah, don’t expect too much, lol.

Oh and as for apps, I’m only using now because it has a nifty calendar function and all sorts of things. I haven’t come across another site or app that is as good as Trakt but if you have suggestions, please do leave a comment. Its app stopped working though because they lost their API or something. I stopped checking in to GetGlue when it changed names and only check in to Facebook sometimes.

And one last thing, if you have recommendations for shows I might enjoy basing on my watchlist, please please please do recommend. :D

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Immune (A Post-birthday Post)

August 7, 2015 § 1 Comment

“Wake Me Up When March Ends”

was gonna be the title of this post.

I’ve left this post on my drafts with only a title (a good one btw, lol) and a few intro lines. I meant to finish it before March ends for the title to be appropriate but work life got extra shitty.

I also meant to start/finish it on my birthday (last Monday). I had the day off and could have done it but I didn’t. I just (like literally just now, while writing) realized that I didn’t want to be introspective. Introspection is something I annually do on the first day of the year (please refer to my annual New Year’s Day posts). I was not feeling too well physically and just wanted to relax, eat, play games on my phone, and sleep. All of which I did, btw.

You may have noticed that I’ve fallen back to my old blogging ways which is to not blog regularly. I got a million valid reasons why but really, the main reason is because it was feeling like a chore. I was busy well before I stopped doing my weekly posts so if I wanted to, I could and would have.

And now I am finally working on publishing this post.

To continue from my last check-in, work was chaotic. The additional workload got even heavier when January and February came and work became more challenging starting March. March brought in one of the worst news I’ve had since starting my current job. My North American colleagues got the ax. I cried at the office, not even caring how unprofessional it is. I’ve grown close to them and it was really hard. They were told they had 2 more months. It was better at the end of April because 3 of the 4 NA folks got offered different positions in the company (and didn’t have to leave, yay!).

May came and went by fast. We got a new team member but got no reprieve from the chaos because I had to train him. By then, I was in a kind of indifferent mode. It translated to my personal life too.

So yeah, that is the general mode I am in. Everything I feel is in low volumes. I can’t seem to feel too happy, too sad, or too angry. I may have laughed mirthlessly more often than I do, haven’t cried in a long time, and haven’t ranted either.

It does have its advantages, though. Time flies by even quicker I think.

And quick is good. Half of 2015 is done and I’ve surpassed another hurdle financially. Hurray for that! I am back to regular programming. So now I can start working on other goals.

More changes are coming and things aren’t gonna ease up however I am in a better disposition that last year. I am feeling immune.


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