About Me

MeI’m not really good with descriptions. So naturally, I am almost always at a loss with “About Me” boxes. Since this is my personal blog however, I feel that it is a must that I do this section.

My name’s Roxanne. I have been using Luokeshan as my online moniker for more than five years now I think. My friends call me Rox or Roxy. I’m good with either nicknames. I am a Filipino. I hail from the beautiful city of Cebu. As is customary of Filipino families, I live with my parents and two siblings. I work for an outsourcing company. I think I am generally a fair and a friendly enough person. I also think I am a happy person. Lol.

I am a consumer (who isn’t?). I enjoy watching movies, TV series and anime. I also enjoy reading especially contemporary literature. I love music and could listen to just about anything. I have no particular preferences on genres. I am a gamer too. I used to play MMORPG games but I don’t have the time anymore. Now, I play “quickie” games on my phone.

This blog’s not going to be about anything specific. Just random thoughts and anything I would like to share. I am also a contributor on a wonderful review blog called Green Embers Recommends (link on Blogroll). I am also on Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus and Facebook. I do prefer Twitter and Tumblr over the others.