Immune (LLP s3 – p3)

August 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

The song that inspired the title of my last personal check-in post. Really though, I just didn’t know what to use for the last post and this song was my loop song last week.

One of the new additions to my watchlist this season is Syfy’s new show, Killjoys. The end scene of its 7th episode introduced me to yet another loop song and to a great band.

Immune by Groenland

Groenland is a Montreal based orchestral indie pop band. They released their first album, The Chase, in 2013. Immune is easily my most favorite single. Everything about the song does it for me. It’s one of those songs that catches your attention after listening to just a few notes.

And not just this song. The whole album is terrific. Other favorites are Daydreaming, and Our Hearts Like Gold.



Dear No One (this year’s v-day post and LLP s3 – p2)

February 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

Last week, I honestly thought I was gonna write a bitter Valentine’s Day post, lol. I’ve always been positive about love and although I wasn’t feeling particularly negative about it lately, I was feeling so so. Then early this week at work, I remembered the second song Youtube recommended.

The song is Dear No One by Tori Kelly. And it is spot on. It’s like this song is made for me, so the inarticulate me can express what I think and feel about romantic love. Sigh. Lol.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and to my future someone,


Say You Love Me (LLP s3 – p1)

January 29, 2015 § 1 Comment

And season 3 begins! Lol.

Apparently, Youtube gets me now. It recommended two songs yesterday and it was spot on. The first song is “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware. It is (yep, you guessed right) my current loop song.

I can’t really relate but there is something about the song that I just can’t stop listening to. There isn’t a specific line too that I’m drawn to so yeah, I haven’t figured it out yet.

The video is simple but looks good. I love it. Jessie is beautiful too. Gosh, I wish I looked like her, lol. Totally unrelated but I wonder if I will look good wearing the lipstick shade she wore on the video ahaha.

And here is the video for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Loving Blank Space Harder (LLP s2 – p13)

November 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Awkward title, I know.

I haven’t had free time to watch anything other than a handful of my weeklies so sadly, no TV/Movie pic post this week. Instead, I bring you an LLP post. Exciting!

This LLP post features my current loop songs.

Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande, The Weeknd

I realized that I probably seem like a fan, having featured many of her songs now. Like the other Ariana songs I featured, I didn’t like it at first. I dunno what but there’s just something about her songs that grow on you. I don’t care much for the music video though. I liked the first lyric video I saw but I can’t find it now. Oh well.

Blank Space – Taylor Swift

So I am very late to the party on this one: I am now a Swifty (Okay maybe not a hardcore one, lol). Shake it Off was a loop song for a time too and I absolutely adored the music video. She was so spazzy. I loved it! Then this song. I liked it immediately. I love how she is cool with how some people see her. The video looks great too! She is such a cool, geeky, awesome person I think: I could totally be best friends with her. Lol. She makes terrific videos. And of course, the lipstick shades, lol. (I’ll explain this one on a separate post.)

That’s it. Till the next post :D

Deemo (LLP s2 – p12)

October 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

A couple weeks back, my nephew Francis got ahold of my phone and checked the games on it. He started playing one of the games I downloaded for free courtesy of Apps Gone Free but never got around to actually check and play them. The game is called Deemo and I am now addicted to it, lol.

You’re probably wondering why this is an LLP post when it’s a mobile game. It’s because it is actually a music game app (okay so I dunno the genre is really called). I am no good with such games but the music is fantastic. I love it! The game features a variety of music genres including but not exclusive to classical, pop, rock, electronic and even dubstep. I got hooked right after hearing the first notes of the first song, Dream and I’ve completed the game (at least the highest it’s on now) in just 2 weeks.

Anyway, below are my favorites from the first collection. I’m also including a video of a perfect game posted on Youtube. I can only dream of doing a perfect game. Lol.


Evolution Era

Wings of Piano

Reverse – Parallel Universe

Yubikiri – Genman


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