Bantayan 2014

April 22, 2014 § 4 Comments

Travel post! Yay!

I pretty much suck at uploading pictures in Facebook and Instagram and I haven’t been blogging about places I go to too. I will try to change that and be more diligent with posting. It takes time but I’ve come to realize it is necessary so I remember the good times I’ve had and the people I was with.


And this is only taken by my iPhone5!

So Bantayan! I’ve been to more than once and thankfully, it hasn’t changed… much. It is still the beautiful place Cebuanos love no matter what storm ravages it. Bantayan is actually a group of islands west of the northern end of Cebu. It takes about 3 hours from Cebu City North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya, San Remigio by bus and another hour or so from Hagnaya to Santa Fe, Bantayan by ferry. It is a must to spend the night on the island because of the long travel times.

Bantayan Island is the largest island and has several beautiful beach resorts. There are popular resorts on the island however it doesn’t really matter where you stay at. All of them has the same gorgeous shorelines and blue, sparkling waters. Food is no problem as there are easily accessible restaurants around and there are even locals who offer to cook for tourists. If you prefer to cook your own food, affordable produce (seafood is a must!) is available in markets and most if not all of the resorts allow guests to use their cooking areas.

As for rates, Cebu beach resorts have the lowest (dare I say cheapest?) rates for locals and tourists. Except for the Holy week (this week, in fact) when a lot of Filipinos go for vacations. Rates double during this week however it still is cheap really. We got an air conditioned family room for 8 people (4 double beds) for only $100 a night ($50 = regular rate).

For this trip, I went with close friends and a couple new ones from Manila. We ate, drank and swam to our hearts’ content for three days and two nights. Fun memories!

Dates: April 15 to 17, 2014
Resort: Mayet’s Beach Resort, Bantayan Island

***Photos courtesy of Aldrich Villamala, Jed Dacanay and my trusty iPhone5***

I’ll have more pics when my friends decide to upload more, lol.

For more information on Bantayan, please click here.


Camotes Island – Overdue Travel Post #1

April 28, 2013 § 4 Comments

To make up for lost blogging time, I am doing a bit of backtracking and posting some of the stuffs I meant to write about but didn’t. Starting with the easiest, travel posts.


For the last three years, my friends and I went on vacations during the first week of March. While we did plan the “going to and enjoying the vacation” part, we never intentionally scheduled it to always be on the same dates. On the second trip (2012), we just laughed and thought it was a great coincidence. And then the third trip (which was totally unplanned), I thought it was fate. Lol.

I posted about the first March escapade here and here. I didn’t write about the second one (which is a pity because that was a great trip, maybe i’ll write about it some other time). And this here is about the latest.


We traveled about 27 kilometers north of Cebu City to Danao City (roughly 2 hours), and took an hour boat trip to get to the beautiful Camotes group of islands. We stayed at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort Hotel. The resort is still being developed but the rooms are clean and spacious. The infinity pools are also great. The resort also serves good food that is cheaper than that of other resort hotels in Cebu. I liked that there are other food options available that are even cheaper and not less good. And of course, the thing that we came for, the beach. While it’s not the best, it still has one of the most gorgeous shorelines. All in all, Camotes Island is a good getaway place.

And pictures. I took mine through my phone and the rest were taken by the awesome Aldrich V.


My 2011 in Travels

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In an attempt to do something different, I decided late last month that I would be doing a series of year-end posts of things I did in 2011. This the first of ’em, my 2011 travels.

Manila – February

My nth time in Manila (went to a Manila university so…) and 2nd time with pretty cousins and fellow ELFs, Jessah, Hazel and Melca. My mother and another ELF, Stephen tagged along for the trip. Went there to watch Super Junior’s Super Show III. Stayed at Makati Shangri-La Hotel for a night. This was the first time I paid for a stay at a luxury hotel. Fun weekend trip.

Davao – March
Vacation with friends from work, Ann, Janzel and her hubby, Johnson. My first time in Davao. We spent the first day relaxing at the gorgeous Pearl Farm, toured the city on the second day, and lazed around on the third. It was a lovely trip.

Manila – July
Haha Manila again. This time with Nanay and my brothers, Sandrou (Dodot) and Christian (Echan). Visited the Manila Ocean Park, SM MOA and then played slots at PAGCOR Parañaque (really just watched Nanay play). It was just a one-day trip but very memorable. T’was the first time my brothers and I got to spend a day there together.

Hong Kong – October
The last and the most memorable trip I had this year is definitely this one. First (hopefully not the last) international family trip. A four-day trip to Hong Kong! Nanay, Dodot, Echan and I had this booked months before. We were so lucky Tatay had a business trip on the same dates. As this was my second time in HK, I got tasked the stressful scheduling and planning. We stayed at the Regal Riverside Hotel. Toured the family to the same places I went to the first time except for places Nanay was too afraid or tired to go. Had bad moments however the great memories far outweighed them.

Due to time and financial constraints, this year probably had the least amount of trips. BUT it was certainly the best! I hope 2012 would allow me and my family to travel and make more wonderful memories.

March Highlight 2: Davao City Tour

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Warning: This is an overdue post. 2 months overdue :D
This here is a continuation to the first one I posted awhile back. Day 2 of the Davao Trip.

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March Highlight 1: Pearl Farm Beach Resort

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Yes. It’s that time of the month again. A highlight post!

Sad to say, but I’ve fallen into a rut since two straight weekends of travel. Ever since I don’t remember when, I haven’t been at home for a full weekend. I’ve been that busy. This explains the lack of posts here.

But of course, I have to post my March highlight! =D

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